I am K.S. Wood.

I have been writing stories and tidbits ever since I could print my own name. Many of the first stories were written in crayon.  Before then, I told my mother my stories. She wishes she had written them down. 

I was born in North Carolina as the eldest child of a USMC officer, and spent my childhood moving from place to place. In college, I was a social science major but loved my creative writing classes as well. I live in Iowa and am married to a wonderful husband and am the proud "mom" to two wonderful cats.  I currently work for a local school district.

I have been told I have a vivid imagination, but that's just what I write.... you should see my dreams.

These short stories are my own work and are fiction. Yes, some have been inspired by real events, but the characters and the stories are completely made up.

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I have two books in print.  Two Worlds Collide was my first novel and can be ordered in print only. The Keeper of the Key can be ordered on Kindle.
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