05 July 2012

The Keeper of the Key is now on Kindle!

The Keeper of the Key, my second work, is now available on Kindle.  To check it out, click here.

The Keeper of the Key is the story of a young woman named Manda McKerlie, who has been trying to find answers since her father's death two years prior.  All she has from her father is his family medallion.  When she meets a mysterious woman named Rhianna who has a pack of wolves, she finds out the the key is to another world from which Rhianna and herself have come.  She is drawn into a battle against an evil sorcerer, Lord Erynnion and must find the answers to the questions she seeks while helping Rhianna and her wolves return home. 

15 June 2012


I have just published my newest book.  This is my first foray into Children's Books and I did the writing and illustrating myself.

The book is called The Weaving of the Web of Life and is available for reading free at and for purchase here.  Keep in mind that the graphics are much better in print then on a computer screen, so if you like what you see, consider purchasing a copy!