30 September 2011

The sisterly fight

Autumn wanted what Summer had, so so she took it. The little sister always wanted the bigger sister had.

Summer took it back. It was hers to begin with.

This started a fight. One day Autumn took it, then the next day Summer took it back. This went on for about a week.

Mother looked at Father and frowned. "You would think they'd get used to this by now. Summer has outgrown it, so she should give it up to Autumn. Spring outgrew it and gave it to her sister Summer, and soon Autumn will outgrow it and give it to her sister Winter. Why must those two fight?"

Father chuckled. He simply smiled at Mother and said, "Give it time."

One day, Summer realized that she had outgrown it, so she had to relinquish it to Autumn for good. By then, it was too small and too cold for her anyway.

Mother and Father had a good laugh about it. By this time, Mother was tired and Father looked older. He always did at this time of the year. When Winter finally would get it, he'd look old and haggard. By the time Spring came around with a new one, he'd look young again. Such was the way with each year. Sometimes the sisters fought over who got to wear it and when, sometimes they passed it to each other without complaint. Every year was different.